Why I bloody love photography!

It all started with a camera.

I was 16. Just moving from High School to College and I had to choose some classes. I chose photography because I loved film - I wanted to be a film maker.

I was quiet and awkward and I spoke to no one in my class. I didn't even take any good photos because I didn't know what to take pictures of.

I used my 35mm film Olympus camera handed down to me by my older sister. I developed my own film and used the dark room. At the time I didn't appreciate this, now I'm old I realise, I should have appreciated it.

Facebook didn't exist. Ironically, I have no photo's from this time.

Then came Lomography.

I got into Lomography because I liked the colour and contrast more than the black and white film I'd been using at school. Also... they cute!

What's Lomography??

It's light flaring, saturated and high contrast colour photography (depending on your film) and it's imperfection.

It's perfect. I love it.

I began to realise that photo's were important to me. Looking back over them and remembering my life through real life, freeze frame memories was important. It's your history. It's something physical of your past you that you can have here in the present, for always.

Then life. And work. And bills. And rent. And photography took a backseat.

Then this.

And then I realised I loved weddings! Like really loved weddings. And then I thought, why not marry the two loves... see what I've done there? Marry. Hilarious.

So I launched elisaphoto wedding and portrait photography because photo's are important. And your wedding is important. And you family is important. And to be able to look back over moments of your life that often are not thought about or even forgotten, is important.

And that is why I bloody love photography.

And are you ready for a fact attack?

In the world this year, due to mobile phones and other devices, there will be more photos taken then ever in the whole history of photography. This one year. More photo's that the whole history of photography.

Mind blown!

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