Why do I love weddings?

I was asked today why I love weddings and I thought, you know what that's a bloody good question to explore!

Why do I love weddings?

In my mind it's quite simple: I loved my own wedding. I loved planning it. I loved the day and I loved that all the people that mattered most in mine, and my husband's, world were there to celebrate the best thing in our life: love.

Weddings remind me that the world is good, that love is powerful and that celebrating that love is important.

Sometimes life - am I right! I mean it can be frustrating; people can be annoying and things might not be going your way. The older I get the more about the world I come to understand and the more I don't like it. But when I'm at a wedding, and all that matters are the people and the love, the outside world melts away and is filled with joy, laughter and all the good things that makes you feel all the feels!

I love the effort couples put into a wedding too. Not only are weddings a time where you can dress up all fancy and where everything looks so pretty, but it's a time where people feel more comfortable letting their guard down and showing off a more personal and emotional side.

There are very few occasions where you'd find someone's old photo's displayed in a timeline for you to gawk at, or where you'd hear unheard stories of how the couple met or speeches professing love and thanks to their guests. It's an event where love is front and center, and you know what, you'd don't come by that many situations where this is the case.

And then you get to dance like no-one is watching until the early hours of the morning!

And that is why I love weddings.

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