What it's like hanging out with me and my camera.

So you would like some photos of your family to adorn your walls and look back on so you can remember a time when your kids were happy to be in your company, but now they're teenagers and they only take selfies with filters and don't want you anywhere near them in-case you ruin their socials and therefore their image/rep!

Or perhaps you're just beginning your family journey and you want to remember what it's like to be growing a human and that time when your hair was lush and your skin glowing and you don't have eye bags or sick on your clothes!

Or maybe you're after a wedding photographer to capture your really special and most exciting day. The day when everyone you loved came to celebrate with you and the whole day was just so awesome and you want to relive it over and over again?

You've been thinking about all these things but the choice is hard! Who to a pick? How do I choose? Can I even stand to be in front of a camera naturally? I don't even know you so how can I be natural?

I get it. I understand. So I thought I'd give you a little insight into what it's like to spend the day with me and my cameras, Brian and Elvis.

First of all who am I? Well this is me - there are very few photo's of me because I'm usually the one taking all the pictures and I don't really take selfies. My husband sometimes takes a photo of me but it's usually when I'm doing something stupid - like shoving a tissue up my nose to stop it constantly running or when I'm trying to entertain my two year old by puffing my cheeks out as big as they can go.

What am I like? Ahhh! It's always really hard to talk about yourself!

It's been said that I'm easy going; it's been said that I'm a bit different from other people... in a good way, I hope! It's been said, and confirmed, that I am not a good cook but do have a good sense of humor, which I would argue is actually the fuel of life and not food!

But overall, I love being a photographer and have been told that this shows on my shoots... which is good aye!

On a shoot day we'll most likely start with a coffee, though other beverages are available, and a little chat just to break the ice and to relax into the experience. Then we'll trot about our location and I'll pick out areas I think will be nice to shoot in. When I'm shooting I will suggest things for you to do: 'Piggy back?' ' One, two, three, jump!' 'Twirl!?' 'Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!' Etc etc.

I find the direction helps you to relax, to know what to do in front of the camera and enables me to capture those all important candid shots.

Then once you've eased into things, you start to realise, 'Wait a minute. This is hella fun! I'm a pro at this - it's so easy! I should have taken this up as a career! I'm amazing in front of a camera. Why did I ever doubt myself!'

Ahhh. Apologies for any existential crisis' - it is not my intention!

At the end of the day I want you to have a really good experience with me taking your photos. I want you to go home and think, that was a really awesome thing to do and I'm glad we did it.

And the best bit is that you get to relive it over and over again because you've got your photos that will last you a life time and beyond.

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