My engagement story 💛💍

All the way back in 2015, on a sunny but windy day, Alistair (the now husband) decided he would ask me to marry him.

The date was April 12th, I remember this specifically because we were down in Brighton for my mum's birthday which is on the 13th. Looking back it was a weird day. We had met up with a family friend at Stamner park for a walk but it had taken ages to get organised because Brighton was half shut down due to the marathon.

Alistair suggested we head down to the beach from the park, something I would have usually said no to as it was basically across the other side of the city and at that time we had our greyhound, Stan, with us. In hindsight, walking through crowds of people with a big dog wouldn't usually be something I'd agree to do - but I was in a yes mood! Not the only thing I would agree to that day - spoiler!

We decided because of the road closures that we would drive down to the beach and pay for parking on one of the side roads. When we got to the car Alistair had a parking ticket for not correctly filling out the parking voucher - distracted maybe??

We found a spot, parked up, payed and walked through the crowds to the beach. It was busy but we found a pub on the beach and stopped for a drink. We were still with our family friend at this point, so when I went to the loo Alistair basically told her that he was going to propose and could she kindly leave! How rude!

She quickly made excuses and we walked her back to the pier. Now, usually I would have suggested we just head back to the car and get home but Alistair said as we were by the beach why not take a walk down the the West Pier to meet our friend Poppy. Again I said yes!

So, along with Stan, we made our way to the West Pier. On the way Alistair suggested we have an ice cream. I agreed. We bought our ice creams, found a spot on the beach and sat down.

Just as I finished, Alistair told me to stand up. I thought 'shit, there's a wasp!' But then quick as a flash he pulled out a box from his shorts, said 'Poppy's not coming. Will you marry me?'

I don't remember feeling stunned. I wasn't expecting it that day but I was pretty sure a proposal was coming at some point that year so I wasn't very surprised. I remember looking down at him on one knee, presenting this box to me with a beard full of ice cream.

'You've got ice cream in your beard' followed by 'yes!'

He popped the ring on, which turned out to be many sizes too big and we walked back through the crowds to the car. Oh and when we got back to the car we had another parking ticket! But it was ok because I had bagged me a fiance!

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