Mini family sessions - what to expect.


Happy holidays! I hope everyone had a nice one filled with fun, food and joy-ality!

I hope some of you found something sparkly under the tree and were pleasantly surprised when the other half bent down on one knee, said something wonderful which made you cry then BOOM planted a lovely bit of ice upon your ring finger! If this is you, CONGRATULATIONS! Literally so excited for you... and I'm available for engagement shoots and weddings... #justsaying.

For those with kids, I hope they reignited the magic of Christmas like my little girl did for us. Literally the cutest and most amazing thing ever to watch them get all excited about Santa. LOVE IT.

I thought I'd jump on here and let you know that throughout January and February not only will I be physically expanding, my hands and feet swelling and waddling around in my third trimester of pregnancy but I'm also running mini family sessions!!!

What the hecky peck is a mini family session?? Well, thank you for asking, I'll tell you.

It's a one and a half hour location shoot with my good self and your family. It's a fun day out at the beach, or the park, or a walk through the woods, creating and capturing the spirit of your fam-a-lam as you start a fresh new year.

It's then a short, but nail biting wait, for 12 digital images of you and your family edited in my unique style for your enjoyment. You can then select to have these printed and then adorn your walls with your awesome faces, making all your other family and friends well jealous!

It's pretty much a no brainer memory maker experience!

For more info and to book - click here.

Elisa 💛

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