Just married!

I know! It's been ages right, I've been busy and I've not blogged about Sam and Stacey wedding. Alright, well it's here now!

Stacey and Sam got hitched at Leigh Rugby Club on a rather damp day in July. It was an outdoor ceremony and although the rain dampened the field, it did not dampen their spirits... OK that was first grade, matured and aged in a cellar cheese. But you love it!

Stacey arrived in a white London Cab, Sam arrived somewhat before me so I'm unawares of his transportation... I'll go with a Pegasus?

The rain held off throughout their outdoor vows and didn't fully return until the very moment we went to do our portraits ha!

It was a handmade, DIY wedding pulled off brilliantly with little touches like personal M&M's, homemade gin and all you can eat sweet table. YUM!

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