I only went and shot an engaged couple!

Sunday the 9th of June was sandwiched between two horrendous weather days. I spent the whole of the preceding day looking at my weather app and the whole of Sunday morning looking at the sky!

'Hold off rain!', I shouted at the dark clouds, frantically waving my fist up towards the moody skies. 'I can't shoot people in torrential rain!'

Fear not, readers. Sensing a severe feeling of reject, the rain stayed away and actually gifted me a day with the most awesome clouds. Result!

I met Stacey and Sam for our pre-wedding chat at Barden Lake, Tonbridge. First thing, boom: they nailed their outfits! I'm actually quite picky with what I like people to wear so had given them a list of things to avoid, and they delivered.

We had our chat and then I took them on a walk around the lake, stopping at a few locations to get all up in their grill. Grr, you're a tiger, baby!

... Austin Powers? Anyone? No? Ok, moving on...

I like to let everyone know that I understand and totally agree that having your photo taken, especially somewhere where members of the public are likely to be, feels very unnatural. But I also like to let them know that if you let that go, relax into it, don't give a fuck what anyone thinks, then it's a really fun experience and the result of that will show in your pictures.

But I didn't need to worry with these two. Bloody. Naturals!

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