Holly and Nick got hitched!

Greetings! So shut the front door, I only went and shadowed the wonderful emma_epiclovestory on Saturday!

To say I was excited is an understatement and to say I was intimidated by the pure talent that is Emma is also an understatement!

The day couldn't have been more perfect: the location was personal and beautiful, the weather was friggin' amazing and the 'silly pants' theme was such a laugh.

Holly, her bridesmaids, friends and family got ready at her house, which was super chic and modern and cool and can I please live in your house, thank you. The lighting was great. The people were great. The dog was great! The dresses, a dream!

The ceremony was outdoors, in Nick's parents' back garden... again can I please live in your house! It was idyllic, it was DIY, it was personal it was perfect.

Watching and learning from Emma was the best thing. She is so approachable and knowledgeable and a total bad-ass. It was great to build my confidence by seeing hers in action.

For my first wedding I got a corker: I'm so happy with the images I got, I'm over the moon about the experience I had but most of all I'm so happy for Holly and Nick, who so obviously had the best day ever!

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