2018 Breakdown

Wow! What a year!

I have learnt so, so much in 2018. I started the year with an ambition, a set of goals and a whole lotta 'fuck yeah' attitude. I think deciding to start up and run my own business when I had a new born and a part time job was a bit challenging - but then what's life if you're not challenged??

This time last year I only really had an idea, but once I have an idea I pretty much go full throttle! So since then shit's got real folks...

  • Fully set up and am running my own business! Shut the front door!!!

  • Traveled up North where it was very cold and grey to attend a wedding photography workshop. I got to meet the amazing and super talented Ed Godden (as well as lots of other super amazing and talented people).

  • Got a very willing baby to smash a cake!

  • Shadowed two weddings for the amazing Hannah Dougal Art and Photography and the bloody lush Emma from epiclovestory.

  • Did an alternative business shoot for the awesome crew at Las Bodegas wines.

  • Taken enquiries! Yep! People have actually asked me to photograph them!

  • Shot a beautiful maternity session for the most lovely couple ever!

  • Rounding off the year with a family shoot at the beach.

  • Starting off 2019 with a newborn shoot that I just can't wait for... sosquishyandcute!

  • Oh yeah, and inbetween I've edited and set up a website and marketed myself and done a Christmas fair!

Like, what even is life!

Even though I always beat myself and think I should have done more, it's actually been a very busy year and I feel like I've made a good start.

So here's to 2019 and what new adventures it will bring. I hope to meet more awesome people and get pleasantly all up in their grill... and as a shameless plug, if you're looking to book simply click here to contact me 😋

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