'So, what's the deal?

Well, good question.

I approach all my shoots in the same way: I aim to create a fun and memorable day out for you, where I will pleasantly get all up in your grill and capture the very best of you. You'll then have a bunch of souvenir photo's that you can adorn your walls/bookshelves/social media with, which you can then show off to all your friends - letting them know just how good you look!

What kind of things do I shoot? Well, thank you for asking. I shoot:






cake smashes


All my portrait sessions are done outside using natural light. I use the same pricing format for them, which you can see below.



Pre-shoot chat

2/3 hour photo shoot

20 digital images



Pre-shoot chat 

2/3 hour photo shoot

All digital images

A4 Lustre print of your choice

cake smash

An awesome way to celebrate little ones first birthday: shove them in front of a cake and let them go wild!


Homemade cake

40 minute photo shoot

20-30 digital images