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Hiya. It's me, elisa!

That’s Lisa, with an ‘E’ at the front, rather than Eliza, Alicia, Elise or Elsa: while those are all nice names, they’re just not mine. 

I'm a bold and creative, LGTB+ inclusive wedding photographer with an alternative twist. I'm based in East Sussex and the South East, but am happy to travel!

What on earth is an 'alternative twist!?'

Well, thanks for asking. It just means that I stay away from the traditional type of wedding photography, you know the kind, where everyone stands rigid in a line, giving their best fake smile. 

I'm for those loved up couples who like to think outside the box.

Western rock and roll wedding

 What's my story?

​Good question! So, without sounding too much like this is an interview, my love of photography grew from my love of films. I friggin’ love films: mainly indie dramas/coming of age films that are often far too depressing. I have had a fascination with movie making from a young age and I was supposed to be the next Hollywood megastar director, until I went to Uni and my passion for it was completely destroyed!

Western rock and roll wedding.jpg

Then I fell in love with photography... and a man! Then that man asked me to marry him and I discovered I loved weddings. So I merged the two together, weddings and photography I mean, and boom an Elisaphoto wedding photography baby was born! 


I like to take natural, candid photos with a creative edge. I know it can be a little, if not a lot, awks in front of a camera so I like to add in a smoke bomb, or a bunch of balloons, or a confetti canon to distract you from Brian and Elvis (my cameras). 


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CAN i know more?

You sure can! If you'd like to know more about what it's like to hang out with me and my mates (my cameras again) click here for my blog post. In the mean time here's a few things I'm keen on:


hair scarves

pop punk





dry, sarcastic jokes

So that’s me in a nutshell – well if I was ever in an actual nutshell I’d most likely be more panicked and claustrophobic but we’ll leave that there shall we.